The Guaianas indians called it Paratii, in their language a fish of the mullet family still abundant in the bay. The Historical Center with it's cobbled streets, fine houses, colonial churches is a living memory of times past jealously kept by the Historical Government Administration and by the lucky few houses, pousadas and restaurant owners.

The Ilha Grande Bay is one of the world's most exclusive natural water playground. From Angra dos Reis to Paraty, tropical islands and secluded beaches are easy to travel by, on a typical wooden boat or a luxury yacht, both available for rent. Small exquisite restaurants and bars pin point the bay, some are even floating stations serving fresh fish and tropical drinks, or a simple cai├žaira (local) hut serving fresh sea food, very cold beer and of course tropical fruit “caipirinhas”.

The majestic Atlantic Forest surrounding Paraty is yet another source of joy and discovery. Waterfalls, trails, a diversity of flora and fauna that will delight eco friendly visitors. Horse riding expeditions are available to travel through the forest. Organized trailing with experienced guides who will show you through in all safety.

Depending on your interests, there is a very famous literary festival - FLIP, Bourbon Street Festival an open air show of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Salsa and of course MPB. Other festivals cover interests in Photography, Films, Cacha├ža and Gastronomy, depending on the time of the year.

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